Common theatrical play

“Eytychis and Joy”

The play is about an “odd” friendship between a seagul and a fish. They realise very soon that they cannot change and fit in each other’s life but they can still keep the friendship alive if they show respect and accept diversity. They follow their programme and start travelling to Madeira, Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania and they finally meet in Greece again. They see a lot of interesting things during their journey. In Madeira the fish meets young boys who decide to participate in a film making contest to prove that everybody is different but special at the same time on our own way. In Spain it meets reporters on a talk show broadcast. It is about migration and people’s rights.In Italy it meets refugees gathered at the port who are trying to survive after a long and dangerous transfer from Syria in small boats. In Poland the seagul takes a flight around Brodnica and finds some kids playing …they become friends. In Romania it makes real new friends…a fox and a duck. When it’s time for Eytychis and Joy to come back to Greece they carry with them very precious souvenirs from the countries ( Erasmus countries) they visited…..some letters. The letters form the word INLUDE which makes sense only when representatives of CETHEA organisation hand their C letter …a symbol of their contribution to this European Project. So we have INCLUDE….the idea which was prevalent throughout all the activities done for this project.

To celebrate this idea students with the Music teacher of our school created a song which was sang at the end of the performance by all the participants in LTE Perama.


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