LTE Greece

The second LTE took place in Perama, Greece.
3/12/2018Pupils and teachers from the partner countries were welcomed in the 1st Primary School of Perama. Since the arrival day coincided with the International Day of Disabled People, the host country pupils demonstrated outdoor sport activities designed for people with disabilities. Then all pupils joined to try their best at these activities.Afterwards, Greek pupils danced traditional dances from different parts of Greece. They returned to their classes, accompanied by their friends from other countries. Greek pupils introduced the paintings on the classroom walls created by KETHEA members and them.Parents welcomed foreign pupils and teachers by cooking traditional greek meals. Lunch with all guests, teachers and parents and pupils of the 6th grade took place in school.When they finished lunch, pupils rehearsed their roles for the common segmented drama.In the evening, a tour guide at Piraeus took place.
4/12/2018Pupils of the 6th grade joined the guests and visited together Athens planetarium. It was a planned excursion that Greek pupils have every year and guests followed their ordinary schedule. Then, they visited the newly constructed Stavros Niarchos foundation. A guided tour was offered by the foundation and pupils had time for some outdoor play. Then they returned to the hotel in Piraeus.
5/12/20184th graders, their teachers and all the guests had a guided visit to the Acropolis museum. Then, the guests went for a walk in Plaka and afterwards up to the Acropolis’ Rock. By evening, pupils and teachers had dinner in Athens and returned to the hotel.
6/12/2018Official day off for our school, as Saint Nicolaus is the patron of the city. Pupils and teachers went together in an educational excursion to Epidaurus Ancient Theatre, as their main activity was a common drama. Then they visited the city of Nafplion, had lunch and returned to Piraeus.
7/12/2019The day started with a brief meeting with the Major and then a guided boat trip around Saronicos gulf offered by the Municipality. Teachers from partner countries and teachers from Perama had lunch together at school, while all guest pupils were offered lunch at Greek pupils’ homes. In the afternoon, the segmented drama took place with pupils from all the countries. Members of KETHEA were present and a representative took up a very small, but significant role, at the end of the drama. 

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